Crime is easy. Family is what’s tough. And for Gino Esposito, family obligations could be the end of him. His grandfather wants to prove he’s the genius behind another artist’s works. All he needs is for Gino to steal a diary that’s currently in the possession of the Mafia.

Gino will do almost anything to work an angle, but he’s thinking this task could be his last. He needs help, but all he’s got is cousin Carla, exotic dancer with aspirations of opening a ballet studio with 100K she's stolen from the Mob, and girlfriend Francesca, whose boss has got her framed for embezzlement.

It’s a recipe for family problems only faith, luck, and some really good mojo will solve.

"The Esposito Caper" takes off on a rollicking pace and never slows down. A fun read!"
Jennifer Basye Sander

"Curl up with a glass of wine, a plate of pasta, and get ready to enjoy! The Esposito Caper doesn't disappoint."
Andrea Hurst author of The Guestbook