Preserving Foods: Can it. Freeze it. Pickle it. Preserve it. (The Self-Sufficient Kitchen)

Canning, freezing, and pickling might seem intimidating. But think of these experiences as ways to strengthen your relationship with food by eating more healthfully, enhancing your nutritional intake, eating organically, saving money, and minimizing contamination illnesses. Plus, just imagine giving someone a Mason jar with strawberry jam and being able to say “I made this.” With this step-by-step preservation guide, you can impress family and friends for years to come with your homemade goodies.

This revision includes:
• More than 50 recipes to preserve fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy products, and more
• Techniques for canning, freezing, pickling, fermenting, and other preservation methods
• Techniques for dehydrating, salting, and smoking foods
• Information on food safety and the best preservation methods for specific foods
• Expert tips from Dr. Karen K. Brees on how to get the most from your preserving experience

Whether this is your food time trying food preservation or you’re an expert looking for some new recipes to try, Preserving Foods is the book for you!

Getting Real about Getting Older: Conversations about Aging Better

The first book to open up a real conversation about aging. What has the experience of getting older felt like for you?

It seems that life's milestones pass by in a flash: graduating from school, landing your first job, getting married, having kids. Most people look forward to these events and have some expectations about what each life milestone will be like. But what about when you get older? How can you continue to live fully in your sixties, seventies, and beyond? Linda K. Stroh and Karen K. Brees asked nearly one thousand older people about the challenges and joys of growing older and compiled their collective wisdom into this must-have book, focusing on important topics such as:

Changing self-identities
Friendships and romantic relationships
Health, fitness, and self-image
Relationships with adult children, grandchildren, and siblings
And much more!

Full of advice and stories from a wide variety of older people, Getting Real about Getting Older examines love, loss, and changing identities, and will help you take control of your concerns about aging and experience wisdom and joy as an older adult.

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